Harvey and Etsukos Manga Guide to Japan

Harvey and Etsukos Manga Guide to Japan
Title: Harvey and Etsukos Manga Guide to Japan
ISBN: 9784921205171
Publisher: JAPANIME
Language(s): english
Release Date: Aug, 08 2007
Retail Price: $9.99
Previous Lowest Price: $2.99
Current Best Price: $0
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  • Harvey and Etsuko's Manga Guide to Japan was written by Charles Danziger and Manga by Mimei Sakamoto.

    In Harvey & Etsuko's Manga Guide to Japan, an irascible mouse from Manhattan (Harvey) asks a cartoon cat from Tokyo (Etsuko) to help him find the keys to manga fame and fortune in Japan. Etsuko offers to introduce Harvey to the country's most famous manga artist, but only if he can first pass a test about all things Japanese. Meanwhile, Harvey is on another, equally important mission to track down a kidnapped cartoonist known as "The Big Cheez." Thus begins Harvey's adventure into the wonderful world of capsule hotels, public baths, pachinko parlors, karaoke clubs... and more!