Dragon Ball Super Part 2 Blu-Ray

Dragon Ball Super Part 2 Blu-Ray
Title: Dragon Ball Super Part 2 Blu-Ray
ISBN: 704400037979
Release Date: Oct, 03 2017
Retail Price: $44.98
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  • Dragon Ball Super Part 2 contains episodes 14-26 of the anime directed by Kimitoshi Chioka.

    While two of the strongest fighters train in another world, trouble stirs for planet Earth. The remains of a powerful force have started to gather, seeking revenge for their fallen leader - the wicked overlord Frieza! When evil takes on a new form with the force of 1,000 troops, can Gohan and the remaining Z Fighters take him on?

    Special Features: Watching Dragon Ball Super: with Jason Douglas & Ian Sinclair, Textless Opening & Closing Songs, Trailers