91 Days Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD

91 Days Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD
Title: 91 Days Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD
ISBN: 704400013171
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Nov, 14 2017
Retail Price: $84.98
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  • 91 Days Limited Edition contains episodes 1-12 + OVA episode plus a 40-page companion guidebook (with artwork, character profiles and background information on Prohibition, the Chicago mafia, period firearms, and more), a collectors rigid box featuring artwork from the series, and a set of six art cards.

    Prohibition - a lawless era where bootleggers prosper and mobsters prowl. Avilio Bruno has grown up alone in this murky world after the Vanettis murdered his family. One day, he receives a letter that holds the key to revenge. Befriending the dons son, Nero, Avilio works his way through the Vanetti family and sets his vengeance in motion.

    Special Features: Day 4 Commentary, 91 Daze, Promo Video Collection, Web Previews, Trailers.