The Samurai Trilogy Blu-ray

The Samurai Trilogy Blu-ray
Title: The Samurai Trilogy Blu-ray
ISBN: 715515092913
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Jun, 26 2012
Retail Price: $69.95
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  • The Samurai Trilogy contains three films including: Musashi Miyamoto, Duel at Ichijoji Temple, and Duel at Ganryu Island.

    Based on a novel thats often called Japans Gone with the Wind, this sweeping saga fictionalizes the life of the legendary seventeenth-century swordsman (and writer and artist) Musashi Miyamoto, following him on his path from unruly youth to enlightened warrior. With these three films - 1954s Oscar-winning Musashi Miyamoto, 1955s Duel at Ichijoji Temple, and 1956s Duel at Ganryu Island - Inagaki created a passionate epic thats equal parts tender love story and bloody action.

    Special Features: Essay Booklet, Interviews with Translator and Historian William Scott Wilson, Trailers.

    Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.