Kaiju Mono Blu-ray

Kaiju Mono Blu-ray
Title: Kaiju Mono Blu-ray
ISBN: 816726020822
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Aug, 14 2018
Retail Price: $19.98
Previous Lowest Price: $2.99
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  • In Kaiju Mono, things aren't looking good in Japan. The weather is acting strangely, volcanoes that don't normally erupt are erupting, and... oh yes... the giant monster Mono is running amuck and gobbling up the human population. What a nuisance!

    Fortunately, disgraced Doctor Totaro Saigo thinks he has the solution: a special formula that can be injected into a normal human, causing the injectee to grow into a colossus of Tokyo-skyscraper-stomping proportions! With any luck, that means the good doctor's lab assistant Nitto will be able to take on Mono, hand to claw, in "mano a Mono" combat! Yes, the plan is every bit as insane as it sounds, and the logic of the plot will be stretched as thin as the fabric of Nitto's ultra-stretchy briefs when the ultimate human vs. monster wrestling match erupts!