Drifters Complete Series Classics Blu-ray

Drifters Complete Series Classics Blu-ray
Title: Drifters Complete Series Classics Blu-ray
ISBN: 704400025112
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Nov, 13 2018
Retail Price: $49.98
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  • Drifters the Complete Series contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Kenichi Suzuki.

    Shimazu Toyohisa, a samurai from the historical Battle of Sekigahara, was moments from death when he stepped through a door. Transported to a world both like and unlike his own, he finds himself in a new war - but he is not alone. By his side, Japan's most notable historical figures Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yoichi will join him in this new world at war as they take on the role of "Drifters."

    Special Features: Episode 1 Commentary, Episode 10 Commentary, Inside the Episode 1-12, Promo Videos, Textless Opening & Closing Songs, and Trailers