Accel World Infinite Burst DVD

Accel World Infinite Burst DVD
Title: Accel World Infinite Burst DVD
ISBN: 782009245360
Publisher: VIZ
Release Date: Oct, 23 2018
Retail Price: $19.98
Previous Lowest Price: $10.97
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  • In Accel World: Infinite Burst, a mysterious black cloud kicks Haruyuki and his friends out of the online fighting game Brain Burst. Unable to reenter, they discover that this isn't just an isolated incident - the cloud is spreading and preventing other Burst Linkers from accelerating. Haruyuki and the others soon learn that, to protect the bond that connects them, they must confront a powerful ancient being that been sealed away since the dawn of the Accelerated World!

    Special Features: Reverberation OVA, Vacation OVA, Storyboards, English Credits