Handa-kun Essentials Blu-ray

Handa-kun Essentials Blu-ray
Title: Handa-kun Essentials Blu-ray
ISBN: 704400025778
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Nov, 06 2018
Retail Price: $29.98
Previous Lowest Price: $11.79
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  • Handa-kun Essentials contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Yoshitaka Koyama.

    Everybody loves Sei Handa, the handsome calligrapher who can do no wrong. The only person who doesn't know of his popularity is...Handa himself! Wallowing in his insecurities, he assumes people talk about him because they hate his guts. A childhood friend, Kawafuji, could tell him the truth, but it's way more fun to just sit back and laugh as Handa makes the worst out of every situation.

    Special Features: Episode 4 Commentary, Textless Opening & Closing Songs, Trailers