He Is My Master Blu-ray

He Is My Master Blu-ray
Title: He Is My Master Blu-ray
ISBN: 816726028125
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Jun, 25 2019
Retail Price: $29.98
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  • He Is My Master contains episodes 1-12 of the anime directed by Shouji Saeki in standard definition on a blu-ray disc.

    Yoshitaka Nakabayashi may be young, rich and not unattractive, but as runaway sisters Izumi and Mitsuki Sawatari quickly discover upon becoming Yoshitaka's new maids, he has some SERIOUS issues. Like his insistence on being called "Master", and dressing the girls in costumes he creates himself.

    Unfortunately, Izumi's personal net worth is in the negative digits, and with Mitsuki and her pet alligator to support, she'll just have to grin and bare whatever comes out of Yoshitaka's twisted closet! But the costumes are only the beginning, and when Anna, a third au pair with obsessive issues of her own, joins the party the situation will go from bad to perverse. The rules of dealing with domestic help have never been so completely abused as when the madmen at Gainax (Evangelion, FLCL) unleash their most demented series ever!

    Special Features: Japanese Promos, Interview with the Producer, Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation