Pet Shop of Horrors Blu-ray

Pet Shop of Horrors Blu-ray
Title: Pet Shop of Horrors Blu-ray
ISBN: 816726029320
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Jul, 09 2019
Retail Price: $19.98
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  • Pet Shop of Horrors contains episodes 1-4 of the anime directed by Toshio Hirata.

    Are you seeking something unusual in a pet to fill an empty space in your heart? Then venture, if you dare, into a strange little pet shop in Chinatown, where the mysterious proprietor knows your every need and desire. But watch out. When you buy from Count D, what you get may be what he thinks you deserve rather than what you want. So even if that rare rabbit does somehow look just like your lost child, perhaps youd be safer shopping somewhere else. Thats certainly what Detective Orcot of the LAPD would advise, as nightmarish things seem to keep happening to the shops customers. Unfortunately, theres never been quite enough evidence to implicate the Count. And until there is, business will continue to boom.

    Special Features: Clean Closing Animation