ALL OUT!! Complete Series Blu-ray

ALL OUT!! Complete Series Blu-ray
Title: ALL OUT!! Complete Series Blu-ray
ISBN: 704400018411
Language(s): japanese|english
Release Date: Aug, 13 2019
Retail Price: $69.98
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  • ALL OUT!! Complete Series contains episodes 1-25 of the anime directed by Kenichi Shimizu.

    Fast, hard-hitting, and intense, rugby is the sport where anyone can shine! First-year Kenji Gion has never played, but after a run-in with Sumiaki Iwashimizu, a tall and hesitant first-year, Gion's ready to prove he has what it takes - despite his lack of height. Can this mismatched duo fit in on an already struggling team? They'll have to get it together and go all out!

    Special Features: Textless Songs