Ocean of Secrets Manga Volume 3

Ocean of Secrets Manga Volume 3
Title: Ocean of Secrets Manga Volume 3
ISBN: 9781427861788
Publisher: TOKYOPOP
Language(s): english
Release Date: Jan, 12 2021
Retail Price: $10.99
Previous Lowest Price: $7.36
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  • Ocean of Secrets manga volume 3 features story and art by Sophi-chan.

    Lia, a 17-year old orphan living by the Atlantic is swept away by the ocean currents during a ruthless storm. She is then saved by Moria and Albert, a duo of illegal runaways on their magical ship! Her normal, mundane life suddenly becomes a supernatural adventure as she learns about the powers of their kind and their relations to the human world. But Lia soon discovers that there is a dark secret hidden in a mysterious kingdom. Join Lia as she unlocks the truth behind an ocean of secrets... This is volume 3 of the series.