Infini-T Force Complete Series Blu-ray

Infini-T Force Complete Series Blu-ray
Publisher: VIZ
Release Date: Sep, 10 2019
Retail Price: $44.98
Previous Lowest Price: $34.99
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Infini-T Force: The Complete Series contains all 12 episodes of the anime directed by Kiyotaka Suzuki.

In Shibuya, the epicenter of Tokyo cool, a privileged but listless teen-ager tolerates life by flirting with danger. But Emis world takes a turn for the bizarre when an interdimensional event plunges her in the middle of menacing robots and mysterious heroes, all of whom have their sights on the magical object with transmutational powers glowing in her hands. Gatchaman and his new crew of fighters now must take on the fight of their lives--protect Emi and fight back against the evil destroying their worlds and imperiling the last inhabitable planet in the multiverse.

Special Features: Clean Opening and Ending, Trailers, Art Gallery and More.