Samurai Marathon Blu-ray

Samurai Marathon Blu-ray
Title: Samurai Marathon Blu-ray
ISBN: 810348031761
Publisher: WELL GO
Release Date: Jul, 21 2020
Retail Price: $29.98
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  • The movie, Samurai Marathon, was directed by Bernard Rose and stars Takeru Satoh, Nana Komatsu, Mirai Moriyama, and Shota Sometani.

    Inspired by a real-life race that is still held annually in Japan, Samurai Marathon is a lively action pic with a samurai twist. In the late feudal era of Japan, a young ninja (Satoh) is operating undercover in the court of an aging Lord during a peaceful era of Japan that is on the brink of change. After the Lord challenges his lazy samurais to a punishing marathon to toughen them up, the ninja finds his loyalties put to the test. Facing impossible odds, this unusual band of characters is running a race to win or die.