Bleach Set 7 Blu-ray

Bleach Set 7 Blu-ray
Title: Bleach Set 7 Blu-ray
ISBN: 782009246527
Publisher: VIZ
Release Date: Jun, 30 2020
Retail Price: $54.97
Previous Lowest Price: $42.99
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  • Bleach Set 7 Blu-ray contains episodes 168-195 of the anime directed by Noriyuki Abe.

    The appointment of new captain Shusuke Amagai leaves the members of Squad Three with mixed feelings, especially about the tasks he assigns. Will he be able to win their trust, and will the squad recover from its previous captains betrayal? Meanwhile, a suspicious trio transfers to Ichigos school in the World of the Living - and then Ichigo is thrust into a new battle as he encounters a group of assassins out to kill one of them!

    Special Features: Art Gallery, Clean Opening and Endings, Interview with Ben Diskin, VIZ Commentary (Episode 191.)