PENGUINDRUM Manga Volume 3

PENGUINDRUM Manga Volume 3
Title: PENGUINDRUM Manga Volume 3
ISBN: 9781645055099
Publisher: SEVEN SEAS
Release Date: Aug, 04 2020
Retail Price: $12.99
Previous Lowest Price: $8.70
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  • PENGUINDRUM Manga Volume 3 features story by ikunichawder (Kunihiko Ikuhara), art by Isuzu Shibata, and character designs by Lily Hoshino.

    Twins Kanba and Shoma live with their terminally ill little sister, Himari. One day, they visit the aquarium, a place full of warm memories for Himari, but she suddenly falls ill - and dies! At that very moment, a voice cries out, "Survival Tactic!" and Himari, wearing a penguin hat, comes back to life...?!