Granblue Fantasy Manga Volume 6

Granblue Fantasy Manga Volume 6
Title: Granblue Fantasy Manga Volume 6
ISBN: 9781632369567
Release Date: Aug, 04 2020
Retail Price: $12.99
Previous Lowest Price: $8.70
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  • Granblue Fantasy manga volume 6 features story by Cygames and art by Cocho and Makoto Fugetsu.

    Ever since his father ran off in search of the mystical island in the sky, Estalucia, Gran has lived alone. Until one day, a girl named Lyria makes a daring escape from the army, ending in an airship falling off a cliff, and squashing Gran! Now the entire world seems to be after the mysterious powers she used to revive him! What dangers await them in this latest volume?