Run With the Wind Premium Box Set Blu-ray

Run With the Wind Premium Box Set Blu-ray
Title: Run With the Wind Premium Box Set Blu-ray
ISBN: 816726024233
Release Date: Jun, 30 2020
Retail Price: $129.98
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  • Run With the Wind Premium Box Set contains episodes 1-23 of the anime directed by Kazuya Nomura and is housed in a Chipboard Box which contains a 24 page Perfect Bound Booklet and Lenticular Bookmark.

    Kakeru Kurahara was a track star in high school, but after losing his money gambling, the only running hes doing is fleeing after shoplifting food. Then Kakerus escape route crosses paths with Haiji Kiyose, and he gets a chance to change his lifes direction.

    A fourth-year college student, Haiji has dreamed of entering the famous Hakone Ekidan relay marathon, but hes been one runner short of a potential team... until he sees Kakeru blow past him like the wind and knows hes found his critical tenth man. Of course, it wont be easy convincing Kakeru to join, and the rest of the team includes such questionable choices as a chronic smoker and an underweight otaku, but theyve all got legs and Haiji will make sure they learn how to use them to Run with the Wind!

    Special Features: Japanese Promos, Previews & Teaser, Clean Opening Animation, and Clean Closing Animation.