Jealousy Manga Volume 3

Jealousy Manga Volume 3
Title: Jealousy Manga Volume 3
ISBN: 9781974717057
Publisher: SUBLIME
Release Date: Jan, 12 2021
Retail Price: $12.99
Previous Lowest Price: $8.70
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  • Jealousy manga volume 3 features story and art by Scarlet Beriko.

    To earn the trust of his beloved yakuza boss, Akitora, Uichi quickly finds success with stock market trading he's doing for the family. But this gives Akitora's right-hand man, Asoda, dark feelings of envy toward his old childhood friend Uichi. Of course, not everything can continue coming up roses for Uichi, and he soon discovers a mistake in his stock account thats left him deep in debt!