Case Closed Manga Volume 77

Case Closed Manga Volume 77
Title: Case Closed Manga Volume 77
ISBN: 9781974714964
Publisher: VIZ BOOKS
Release Date: Jan, 12 2021
Retail Price: $9.99
Previous Lowest Price: $6.69
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  • Case Closed manga volume 77 features story and art by Gosho Aoyama.

    When a tabloid publisher is murdered, the hardest part of the case may be finding someone who didn't want him dead. A cold case heats up when a new victim is found with the character for "death" written nearby. And when the Junior Detective League stumbles on a crime while camping, Anita risks exposing her secret identity.

    As he solves these cases, Conan keeps running into three suspicious characters - overly friendly neighbor Subaru Okiya, eager young private eye Toru Amuro, and teen detective Masumi Sera. Which of them is the man (or woman) in black code-named Bourbon?