Bong Joon-Ho Collection DVD

Bong Joon-Ho Collection DVD
Title: Bong Joon-Ho Collection DVD
ISBN: 876964003247
Publisher: MAGNOLIA
Language(s): korean|english
Release Date: Jul, 20 2010
Retail Price: $39.98
Previous Lowest Price: $17.99
Current Best Price: $0
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  • This collection of films by Bong Joon-Ho includes: The Host, Mother, and Barking Dogs Never Bite.

    The Host: The otherwise idyllic Han River banks turn suddenly to bedlam when a terrifying creature climbs up onto the riverbank and begins to crush and eat people. Gang-du and his daughter Hyun-seo run for their lives, but suddenly the thing grabs Hyun-seo and disappears back into the river. The government announces that the thing apparently is the Host of an unidentified virus. Gang-du makes plans to infiltrate the forbidden zone near the Han River to rescue his daughter from the clutches of the horrifying Host...

    Mother: Mother is a devoted single parent to her simple-minded twenty-seven-year-old son, Do-joon. One night, while walking home drunk, he encounters a school girl whom he follows for a while before she disappears into a dark alley. The next morning, she is found dead in an abandoned building and Do-joon is accused of her murder. His mother refuses to believe her beloved son is guilty and immediately undertakes her own investigation to find the girls killer.

    Barking Dogs Never Bite: Driven to distraction by a dog yapping endlessly in a nearby apartment, Yun-ju (Sung-jae Lee), a college lecturer whos already stressed by his p...